Guaranteeing Measurable Results in Leadership
Development on a global scale.
As we are the certified executive and team leadership coach of MGSCC,
we know how to take leadership to the next level and guarantee results.

Leadership Coaching


Is designed for successful executives who have been singled out by their organization as top leaders and high potentials based on Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.

With decades of experience coaching the world’s top leaders, we have a clear picture of what leaders most want and need from executive coaching: essentially how to maximize both personal and business RIO.

The major leadership challenges for managers and executives today is NOT understanding the practice of leadership. BUT practicing their understanding of leadership. For successful organizational leaders to become more effective, leadership change needs to be positive, sustained, recognized and acknowledged by their stakeholders.

Transparent Process that Guarantees Growth

Our coaching process places a strong emphasis on involvement of stakeholders, implementation to establish long-lasting behavioral change, and follow-through to measure growth in leadership effectiveness. The Stakeholder Centered Coaching progress is very time efficient, transparent, and structured, and works as follows:

  • The leader selects 1-2 leadership growth areas based on behavioral interviews and multi-rater leadership assessments that identify their leadership strengths and bottleneck
  • Stakeholders provide a few practical ‘feedforward’ suggestions that relate to the selected leadership growth areas on a monthly basis
  • The stakeholders’ suggestions and areas for skill development are incorporated into a monthly action plan that the leader commits to implementing during the following month
  • The leader changes behaviors and perceptions through execution on the job
  • Leadership growth is measured quarterly and is based on changes in stakeholders’ perceptions

Results for the Leader

11,000 business leaders on 4 continents concluded that 95% of leaders using the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process measurably improved their leadership effectiveness. The Stakeholder Centered Coaching process is designed for successful executives and high potentials:

  • It utilizes the psychology of successful people leveraging their high need for self-determination and learning agility
  • It moves rapidly from awareness to acceptance to action, focusing on leadership behaviors that drive changes
  • It provides a powerful process for building leadership brand

Results for the Organization

Stakeholder involvement produces a strong positive ripple effect in the team and organizations as a whole. Systematically involving stakeholders drives a number of positively reinforcing factors.

  • They buy-in to the leader’s change efforts and become supporters, not cynical bystanders
  • They look out for and perceive leadership growth, boosting the leader’s motivation to change and stakeholders personally benefit from such change
  • As the leader progresses from new behaviors, into new habits and into micro-processes, these changes naturally become embedded in the surrounding eco-system
  • Mentoring coaching become part of the organization’s culture

3 Characteristics Drive Results in Our Executive Coaching:

  • An accurate snapshot of leadership effectiveness. We run 360 assessments and behavioral interviews with key stakeholders to ensure that the leader has complete insight into leadership effectiveness and areas for development
  • An inspirational leadership model that is Authentic Leadership Model, articulating what they want to work towards as they develop their leadership brand in the organization
  • As effective and efficient roadmap to bridge the two

Why Involve Stakeholders?

Systematic involvement of those work with the leader is essential for truly effective coaching as it drives a number of positively reinforcing factors.

  • It enables the rapid identification of specific leadership behaviors that are most impactful
  • Not only does the leaders improve, co-workers perceive this progress, thus building their leadership brand and status in the organization
  • Co-workers buy-in to the leaders’ change efforts and become supporters, creating an environment conducive to change

Customized Coaching and Disciplined Execution

Whereas the coaching content is highly customized to meet individual leadership needs, the overall coaching engagement process is very transparent and structured to assure disciplined implementation.

  • Regular progress reports on what leaders are working on, and where they are at in the process
  • High-level overviews of leadership culture bottlenecks in the organization
  • Measurable return on investment for the leader at the organization

Team Stakeholder Centered Coaching

  • Team Coaching Workshop as a team
  • Monthly Team Coaching Session
  • Monthly 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions for team members
  • Quarterly Leadership Growth Progress Reviews