We help you find your successful career path.
Official Partner Of Korean MBA Society For Career Coaching Service.

Career Coaching

Official Partner Of Korean MBA Society For Career Coaching Service

We provide a full set of career coaching service to MBA students in Korean MBA Society, which is an association of top MBA programs in Korea. We also have been providing a career lecture and coaching for fulltime MBA students in Sungkyunkwan University SKK GSB and Master Students of EDHEC Business School from France since 2017.

Career Coaching

If you keep thinking:

  • “I want to get a high profile job in a global foreign company”
  • “I want to get a job in a foreign company”
  • “I want to change my job, but don’t know what to do and where to start”
  • “This is not the job I wanted, and I want something more meaningful job for me”
  • “I don’t know how to find the right job for me”
  • “I don’t know what I want to do or what I am capable of”
  • “I have no clue to design my lifetime career path"

Then, it is a time to work with us! We have been helping hundreds of clients find their dreamed career path from university and graduate students to corporate professionals and executives.

Based on your unique situation and by looking deep inside of you, we help you find REAL YOU in your career and life by discovering your desire, establishing professional goals, creating plans and overcoming obstacles.

Our Service Area

For Korean who want to change your job or land a job:

  • Career Exploration
  • Career SWOT Assessment
  • Job Searching Strategy
  • Job and Company Analysis
  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing and Clinic
  • Interview Skills, Mock Interview and Confidence Building
  • Salary & Compensation Negotiation Strategy

For Foreigners who want to continue your expertise in Korea:

  • Career SWOT Assessment
  • Information of Job Market in Korea
  • Job Searching Strategy
  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing and Clinic in Korean
  • Interview Skills and Mock Interview in Korean
  • Salary & Compensation Negotiation Strategy

Career lecture:

  • How to build successful lifetime career path
  • Writing competitive resume and cover letter
  • How to prepare impressive interview
  • The impact of 4th industrial revolution on future jobs
  • National Competency Standard (NCS)


We provide you with fresh perspectives on the challenges and opportunities(SWOT) when finding meaningful work, give you better awareness of your strengths, unique value proposition and your own personal brand.

  • Setup regular coaching meetings with you in person
  • Customize a program to suit your needs
  • Assist in developing a plan to achieve your career goals
  • Identify your values, interests, talents and passion
  • Focus on what you really want to do and where you want to do
  • Discover what is really important to you and how that relates to finding your ideal career